Monthly Archives: February 2006

Quote of the Day!

“MacDougal has overcome his early-career tendency to treat the strike zone like a foreign object.”


I love baseball!

My Favorite Time

Chilling single digit temperatures in the Kansas City area this morning, but my blood is warmed by the fact that Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training today. No, it’s not the first ballgame, or even the first Spring training game. But, it is the first step. That first step to the season is one step closer to my hometown Royals closing the book on a 106 loss season. I can’t wait ’til the first home game!

A New Color

On my drive to church Sunday to prepare for the morning worship service I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise. It was as if God invented a brand new color just for me that morning. Some perfect combination of purple, red and orange fused together to make one original color all its own, never seen by human eyes until this moment. If this new color had a flavor, I’m sure it would have tasted like nothing you’ve ever had but something you knew you’d been craving. I could have tasted this sunset and it would have been as though joy and contentment were flavors to be experienced and savored through the taste buds. I pictured it in my mind as a hot beverage. First I would have waved my hand through the steam rising from this new color and the aroma of contentment fills my sinuses. My initial sip would have been the perfect temperature and would have transferred a flavor to my pallet that could only be interpreted as joy. This was going to be a good day.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we later learn that God makes the sunrise by simply blowing the steam from heavens version of a hot cup of java?


A few months ago I bought a new (to me) car. A great little gold VW passat wagon, 2001 with 58,000 miles, 4 cylinder, turbo. This purchase was not done on a whim. I researched it for nearly 2 months. I was tired of my old beat up van with all the paint chipping off and the passenger door stuck shut, no AC and usually no radio. It was time for a change.

Edmunds was a great resource as was Most important to me was #1 affordability, #2 fuel economy, #3 reliability, #4 storage. And I wanted the passenger door to open. Is that too much to ask? The passat showed great reliability ratings and very good fuel economy. I looked at a lot of wagons because I just didn’t want to buy an SUV. Everybody has one and I have to be different. The wagon is great for loading up a lot of things including my guitar. It has a lot of room, I love it!