Be Transformed

Transform: alter, amend, modify, adjust, bend, fine-tune, revise, rework, correct, change, revolutionize.  It’s one of those words we use in worship – a Worship Word.

We have watched fall turn into winter and while I love the fall, I also enjoy the winter and all it brings.Living in the Midwest, folks can enjoy each season (not like my brother in MN who gets just 2 weeks of fall).But inevitably it seems I am never ready for the change.It happens too fast.Am I the only one who wasn’t ready for negative temperatures!?!

As Christ makes us into His new creations, sometimes we can think that He is moving too fast.Other times we wonder “What’s taking so long?”But God’s timing is always perfect even when we think it isn’t.If you think God is changing you too fast, maybe He is teaching you patience. If you think He is moving too slow, perhaps you still haven’t given Him everything.


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