Prayer For The Struggling Servant

Father, in all Your majesty, You did not consider Yourself too good to come down and serve us.  Thank You for Your humility.  You knelt to wash the feet of disciples, those whom You called Your students.  When Your followers thought themselves too good to be bothered by the presence of little children, You corrected their thinking and allowed the children to come into Your presence. You placed Your hands on sinners who needed healing and entered the homes of thieves, sanctioned by an oppressive government to steal money from their own people.  You showed honor to those living with shame.  Show me the places I’ve decided I’m too good to enter.  Remind me that I am not better than others but a servant to all.  Destroy the pride in me that decides I’m above serving the ones society brushes to the side.  Bring me back to reality when I get too big for my britches.  By itself, giving money does not cover it when I know that You have called ME to go.  Help me find ways to serve and put an end to my excuses.  And may I walk with You as a humble servant lead by a servant Master.

5 thoughts on “Prayer For The Struggling Servant

  1. This goes along so well with what we just talked about in youth group…the Prodigal's Son's brother. We sometimes consider ourselves too important for the smaller tasks, but God delights in obedience in all service opportunities. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is an awesome prayer! It is quite convicting, and very real. If only we would all have the courage to pray with such passion. "My Father in Heaven, protect me from myself and lead me in Your Light to serve and to glorify Your Name…."Alden, thank you. May God bless you with His answer to your prayer.

  3. Yes! Given the right circumstances we can all become 10 feet tall and bullet proof. It is a really good thing that God comes along in those times and loves us off the pedestal and into reality.

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