Football And Fun

Like most of the U.S. population, I watched the Super Bowl with some friends Sunday evening.  It was the first NFL game I had watched all season. This was not because I don’t enjoy sports, mind you.  But, because I LOVE sports, I determined that I needed to fast from watching the NFL this season.

Football isn’t my favorite sport, so don’t think this was a huge sacrifice.  I do enjoy football, but mostly it’s just something to cheer for in between baseball seasons.  The toughest part was breaking from my family fantasy league. Congrats, Corey.

But as we all know, the most important part of the Super Bowl is the commercials!  Most say that the commercials just weren’t as good this year.  That may be true, but perhaps our expectations are unreal because of the pregame hype regarding the commercials.  There were some really clever commercials.  Most of them I could watch with my children. A few, however, I’d prefer not to have those images in my mind.

These few commercials clearly believed that the best way to promote their product was to make the “potential buyer” think of sex – trigger the lust-fulness of the watcher.  Most, however, seem to have learned that what people really want to do during the commercial breaks, is laugh with their friends.  So, to go daddy, kia, and fiat, I’ll just say “not cool!”  And to the rest, I will say, Well Done and Thanks for allowing the Super Bowl to be an environment where youth pastors and parents don’t have to sweat it out during the commercials or show the game on a time delay through a DVR and fast forward the commercials.  We can’t proclaim purity to our kids out of one side of mouths and from the other side excuse what is on our TV as “just a commercial.”

Even if you don’t have a commitment to purity in regard to what you allow your eyes to see, wouldn’t you rather see a grandma slingshot a baby at a tree house to score a bag of Doritos? Or perhaps like most of the adult world you are tired of the “teen harlequin” vampire genre and you enjoyed watching vampire’s burst into ashes in the stream of some super bright headlights.  Maybe you’re like me and you can’t get enough of dogs, dressed like star wars characters, barking Darth Vader’s theme music.

I could be optimistic, but I felt like the commercials were, for the most part, cleaner this year.  There were a few extreme exceptions, but most of the commercials were pretty good.  What’s your opinion?

3 responses to “Football And Fun

  • Susan

    I always watch for the Clydesdales. Big, beautiful horses never disappoint. (Have you ever seen them up close? I have, WOW!) My favorite ad this year was the fat dog – getting into shape to chase the VW. It made me cry I laughed so much – I live with a dog shaped like that – I am a human shaped like that. I suppose if the dog can get on the 'dreadmill', so can I. This is a great post, Alden. Thank you.

  • Tracy

    hard to watch all the scantily clad women with a bunch of young teenagers many of whom were boys. kept wanting to jump up and cover the screen so they couldn't see it.Loved the dog trying to lose weight that was really fun one. and the doritos ones were great too. Fiat was awful commercial.

  • Alden Schoeneberg

    Thanks for sharing, I agree with both of you. And Tracy, if I had to vote, I would say that the Fiat was the worst of the really bad commercials. This is another reason that I'm thankful we made the choice to cut from cable and dish. We can stream netflix through TV and I can better supervise what images come into my home and into my kids' brains.

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