A Bit About Blogging

After took a break from blogging during the month of July, I heard from many of you who read my blog.  Thank you for asking me when the next blog would come and for encouraging me with your kind comments.  I would love to hear from you in the comment section and benefit from your voice in the conversation.

Blogging is not easy.  I enjoy writing and fleshing out my thoughts, but believe me when I tell you that it takes constant discipline on my part to sit down at the computer, take the ideas spinning around in my head and organize them into, what I hope to be, a clear and useful blog post.  With my six week blogging hiatus behind me, I need to remind myself again what it is that I hope to accomplish with the Schoeneblog and why I started the blog in the first place.

My hopes and dreams for the Schoeneblog:

  1. As I post weekly about Christian worship, I hope that the process of meditating on and articulating scriptural truths about worship will make me a better worshiper and a better worship leader.
  2. I would like the Schoeneblog to be a place for conversations about worship, both personal and corporate.
  3. I hope that the ideas shared here will aid readers in their personal growth and help shape the way they think about worshiping God.
  4. As readers add their comments to the blog, I hope to discover from them resources and ideas I would otherwise miss.
Do you read other blogs about worship?
What other blogs to you read?
What do you seek to gain when you read the Schoeneblog and other blogs like it?
If you are a blogger, why do you blog?

4 thoughts on “A Bit About Blogging

  1. hey bro,

    One bit of advice that has helped me over the years – I own the blog. The blog does not own me. Rinse and repeat.

    In that same vein – don’t feel the need to apologize for taking a break (breaks like this are necessary) or wandering over into another area that isn’t specifically worship.

    We’ll read you regardless!! ha ha ha

    appreciate you, bro.

  2. Thanks, Grant. It was nice to take a little break from the blogging. It was additionally nice to hear from regular readers that they missed getting the fresh content.

    As a blogger yourself, do you also feel that it is a benefit to you to think through and articulate ideas through your blog?

  3. Yes – and to figure out exactly how vulnerable do I want to be on the blog.

    I think that’s hardest part of this – determing the level of vulnerablity you want to live with. Not everybody is mature enough to handle that level of vulnerability.

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