The Wedding Day

What a joyous occasion when we celebrated Hannah’s wedding to Matt.  Thank you all for celebrating with us and for blessing the two of them with your prayers, gifts and encouragement.

The picture painted by the ceremony reminds us all that we, the Church, have a Bridegroom whose name is Jesus.  He pursued us and purchased our freedom from the slavery of sin and made us free.  Though He loved us and sought us, we had been spoken for by sin.  Our captivity made it so that we could not join with Him.  Sin owned the claim on us.  So Jesus paid the price that was demanded – His death on the cross. The ransom has been paid.

His love didn’t stop at the cross.  Jesus rose again from the grave and in doing so He conquered sin itself. We do not return to our former captivity.  We are spoken for by Jesus who is the Bridegroom.  Those who have been saved walk through this world with an engagement ring on our finger so let us remain faithful. Jesus, in His own words said that He is preparing a place for us and one day he will return.  Our wedding day approaches.  The down payment on the angel band has been made!  The feast is cooking and I can almost smell the aroma!  Our heavenly Father, himself will walk us down the aisle and present us!

As much as we enjoyed the wedding day of our beautiful daughter, Melanie and I longingly await the day when we, as His church, will be presented to Christ the Bridegroom.

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