I am the worship pastor at First Southern Baptist Church in Lawrence KS.  I am passionate about Worship, Leading Worship, Reading and Writing. And most of my blogs will be about those subjects. If you haven’t been to my blog before, let me encourage you to start with a few posts that have gotten the most attention like Handkerchief to Cell Phones, and Whatcha Doin’ With That Rock? Most of my blogs will be about worship like Does God Feel Worshiped or The Worship Showdown, but sometimes I’ll share a personal story like December 16, 1983. Taste one of these samples and you will get an idea of what my site is about.

I am the lucky husband of Melanie and the very proud father of our 4 kids (3 teenagers and 1 preschooler.)  I know.  With the exception of the preschooler, I’ve drug them around 3 states and 4 different cities.  We’ve taken our lumps and had our successes and done it all together.

Why have I kept this family on the move?  Witness protection would make an interesting story.  The less interesting truth is, I’ve been a Worship Pastor for the last 18 years and served churches in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas, spending my last 8 years in Lawrence. In addition to making music and writing, I enjoy reading, so be sure to check out my bookshelf and see if we are reading some of the same books.  This year I started writing my first novel.   If you’re nice to me and leave comments, maybe I’ll post a sample of my fiction too!

What else gives me joy?  Mostly, it’s the simple things like Baseball, Coffee and Wool Socks.  (These are a few of my favorite things.)  And as those around me know, I won’t turn down an evening with good friends and a quirky movie or nerdy board game.

If you like what you read here, go ahead and subscribe on the home page.  I’d also love to have you as a follower on twitter. alden_t910

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