Am I A Simpleton?

‘Tis the gift to be simple, ‘tis the gift to be free.

Have you ever heard that before?It’s a refreshing mindset needed in this day and age of “always on/always on me” living.You know… “My cell is always on and it’s always on me.”We have a deep need to keep things simple.God meant it to be that way.Remember, He created the Garden of Eden…(Simple) but we create things like the IRS (Complicated).

Why do we always seem to fall into the trap of thinking “more is better” or “busy equals productive?”I submit that we are just WRONG!If we truly believe that God’s ways are better than ours, then let us remember that he says “Be Still and know that I AM God.”

It’s getting more and more difficult to appreciate the “simple” things in life because they seem to be going the way of the dodo bird.Let’s not merely appreciate the simple things, let’s also advocate for them.

I’ve Lost Something Inside

After a year or more of on-again, off-again chronic pain in my abdomen, I’ve had my gallbladder removed. Come to find out it was sick! This is a surgery I would not recommend. I’m left with 4 holes in my belly and forced to a strict bland, no fat diet. The positive is I’ve lost about 12 pounds.

I thank God for a capable surgeon who listened to me and allowed me to ask questions. Even more I thank God for a great wife who waited on me and helped me whenever I needed anything. It will be 3 weeks this coming Monday and I’m just starting to introduce “real food” to my stomach again. I even mowed part of the yard today! Since my “episodes” seemed to occur every 6-8 weeks, I won’t be able to confirm that this was all about my gallbladder for a few months. But I am already feeling better than I did prior to the surgery, so I’m very hopeful that this has taken care of all my issues I’ve been enduring over the last 14-16 months.

Missing Papa

We lost Papa to cancer a couple months ago. It was hard to take. I regret that I waited so long to ask him to teach piano tuning to me. I had thought to do it years ago but didn’t want to be an bother so I didn’t ask. I will never forget the time we spent together. And I’ll always remember the things he taught me. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed that I didn’t practice tuning for two full months following his funeral. But I did tune my piano last Saturday, so hopefully I can get back on track. There is a PTG (Piano Technicians Guild) convention in a couple months. I think I’ll sign up for it and take some more training there.

That’s What I Get

I’ve been learning the craft of piano tuning and repair from my grandfather. Both for the heritage value and to fulfill my current desire to do something new and challenging. It’s been fun. I’m learning a lot but, it takes a lot of practice. I must be catching on because me Papa told me “Now when anything goes wrong you can just say ‘That’s what I get for being a piano tuner!'”


I just finished a book by George Barna and I have to say it is one of the most inspiring reads I have come across in a long time. I want to be a Revolutionary Christian!

This is the statement of the common Revolutionary (according to Barna);

“I am a Revolutionary in the service of God Almighty. My life is not my own; I exist as a free person but have voluntarily become a slave to God. My role on earth is to live as a Revolutionary, committed to love, holiness, and advancing God’s Kingdom. My life is not about me and my natural desires; it is all about knowing, loving, and serving God with all my heart, mind strength, and soul.”

I pray that I will so live.

My Favorite Time

Chilling single digit temperatures in the Kansas City area this morning, but my blood is warmed by the fact that Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training today. No, it’s not the first ballgame, or even the first Spring training game. But, it is the first step. That first step to the season is one step closer to my hometown Royals closing the book on a 106 loss season. I can’t wait ’til the first home game!

A New Color

On my drive to church Sunday to prepare for the morning worship service I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise. It was as if God invented a brand new color just for me that morning. Some perfect combination of purple, red and orange fused together to make one original color all its own, never seen by human eyes until this moment. If this new color had a flavor, I’m sure it would have tasted like nothing you’ve ever had but something you knew you’d been craving. I could have tasted this sunset and it would have been as though joy and contentment were flavors to be experienced and savored through the taste buds. I pictured it in my mind as a hot beverage. First I would have waved my hand through the steam rising from this new color and the aroma of contentment fills my sinuses. My initial sip would have been the perfect temperature and would have transferred a flavor to my pallet that could only be interpreted as joy. This was going to be a good day.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we later learn that God makes the sunrise by simply blowing the steam from heavens version of a hot cup of java?


A few months ago I bought a new (to me) car. A great little gold VW passat wagon, 2001 with 58,000 miles, 4 cylinder, turbo. This purchase was not done on a whim. I researched it for nearly 2 months. I was tired of my old beat up van with all the paint chipping off and the passenger door stuck shut, no AC and usually no radio. It was time for a change.

Edmunds was a great resource as was Most important to me was #1 affordability, #2 fuel economy, #3 reliability, #4 storage. And I wanted the passenger door to open. Is that too much to ask? The passat showed great reliability ratings and very good fuel economy. I looked at a lot of wagons because I just didn’t want to buy an SUV. Everybody has one and I have to be different. The wagon is great for loading up a lot of things including my guitar. It has a lot of room, I love it!