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The Day After The Day After Easter

Twas the day after Easter? No, the day after that, folks returned to the lives they had lead.

For the most part, all life settled back to its norm and many or most felt their hearts were still warm
from Sunday and spiritually fed.

They let their minds wander toward worry and pleasure forgetting the power of Christ’s precious treasure,
they settled for luke warm instead.

“Easter’s alright.  It does have its place” said a red-headed boy, chocolate still on his face.
Said a sweet little gal “The people looked swell; men in suits and ladies in lace.”
“But when it’s all done, I’ve a business to run,” said a gent as he packed his briefcase.

Seems the world had moved on and forgotten the song ’bout victory over hell, sin and death.
“Those words that bring cheer don’t apply to us here, on Tuesday” said Lori and Seth.

“Could there be a way” another did say “to keep Easter alive all the year?”
Then he turned up the show with his TV remote to drown other sounds from his ear.
Another repined, “Lord just give us a sign…” as she helped her son on with his jacket,
“…that You still care when life isn’t fair, falls apart and I’m caught in a panic.”

Easter’s crescendo flew out through the window as they sped through the tasks of their day.
The Sun overhead brightly shined, but instead no one noticed and busy they stayed.
Rather than hope, their souls would still grope for the something they’d let slip away.

Then the voice of a younger cried out much like thunder, “He’s Risen! He’s Risen, indeed!”
“But that was on Sunday, the day before Monday. On Tuesday that’s not what we need!
So mellow, young fellow.” said Art with a bellow, “Don’t be a fanatic, I plead.”

But the voice of the younger cried out even stronger, “He’s Risen, He’s Living again.”
Repeated and then, other voices joined in with “Alive, Forever, Amen!”

Remember to live out the faith that you sing out.  It matters on Tuesday the same,
as it did, when on Sunday, you said “Jesus Loves Me.” Don’t forget you’re the reason He came!

Make Way For The King!

The People Seek Jesus to Make Him King

The People Seek Jesus to Make Him King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Palm Sunday we remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem to the praises of His followers.  They placed the branches of palms on the road to make a path.  Most even took the cloak off their back and placed that on the road to make Jesus’ path. (Matt. 21:8) Would you do that?  Would you ruin a perfectly good cloak to make way for your Savior?  Do you know how hard it is to get out donkey stains?

Remember what happened next? Jesus went to the temple and found the place full of greedy selfish people. They were “helping” outsiders – guests – by changing their foreign currency into the proper form so that they could buy the animal for sacrifice.  They were ripping people off!  The church was full of guests.  But the scribes and chief priests could think only of profiting off of them.  After all, these people only come to the Temple once a year.  Jesus – in righteous anger – dumped over the tables and drove those crooks out of the temple yard.  Temple was to be a place to spend time in prayer and to know the Father.

If it troubles you to think about Jesus’ show of anger, just remember that in a few days he would die for the sins of these money changers.

When guests show up for Easter services next week, let us be humble.  They are not here so we can be proud of how full building is. (Not for our profit)   They are here to seek and to find the Savior, the Redeemer.  They are here at the invitation of the Father. Take off your cloak and lay it down to make a path; a path that leads them to Jesus.   Let’s all humbly serve our guests next week and every week.  In the name of Jesus.

God Love The Loser

What a fantastic and fun day was Sunday. Our 2nd annual dodgeball tournament unfolded before tens of roaring fans. The FSBC commissioner of dodgeball, Andy Miller did a fantastic job of putting together this unique event.
The five teams in the family division allowed younger ones to have a blast without getting dodgeballs flung at them by high school and college age specimens! I was not so lucky. I was among the eight teams who competed, (and I use that word very loosely) in the competitive division. In our first game I stood next to my son, Timothy and thought I would bravely defend him from any balls that flew at him.
The game was on, I ran to the middle and somehow, successfully snatched a ball from the grasp of the other team, and limped back to my position. No worry, I just didn’t stretch out properly. Seeing a ball fly right at Tim, I’m impressed with how he dodges to his left and lets the ball in his hand fly across the taped off dodgeball court. Using my well established side arm technique, which has always worked well in softball, I also let one fly, literally. My first attempt to throw a dodgeball takes flight, gaining altitude as it crosses mid-court. And were it not for the wall behind the opposing team, I think the ball would have continued to rise, eventually hitting the ceiling. I hear the laughs and laugh at myself, but before I finish my chuckle I see another ball coming my way. Fast! I dodge, arching my back just like I saw my son do a moment earlier. But with significantly less success. As I’m arching my back to “dodge” the ball curves through the air and hits me squarely in the belly. I hang my head and walk off the court.
The rest of the tournament is much the same. I get my licks in too, once I learn how to throw one of those blasted balls without having it twist and curve and rise and swerve. Even my best throws seemed to swerve around my intended target. Throwing a live chicken would have boasted similar results. I did have a great time and I thank my other son, Jared for inviting me to the humiliation festival. By the way, he also had some great dodgeball moves on the court. (So Proud)

At the end of the day, with my shoulder burning like fire and my hip throbbing with pain, I had a moment to reflect. I’m so glad God Loves Losers. I am one. Not because of defeat on the dodgeball court, but because “All have fallen short of the glory of God” and “My righteousness is as filthy rags.” As I wait for the Ibuprofen to kick in, I’m thankful that Jesus came to heal the broken and bring strength to the weak and rest to the weary.
Easter brings Victory to all of us. We had no chance for victory on our own. Our best attempts are foolishness at best, just like my first attempt to throw the dodgeball. Remember this week, as you prepare for Easter that though you were hopeless to win, JESUS BROUGHT VICTORY.
Thank you, Jesus my Lord. You defeated our unbeatable foe, which is eternal death, and won for us the unreachable prize, which is life eternal with You, our creator. Help us to truly live, even now. To come awake to the true life, which is in You. Some of us misplace our focus and act as if You are here to help us live the life WE want. Help us, rather, to understand that You are inviting us in to a new life, with You. Your life, living in and through us. We welcome Your resurrection life into ours and seek to let You live in us… Amen