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Growing into EverNote

I started using EverNote early last spring when a friend turned my attention to it. I wish I could say that I’m an expert, on the contrary, I’m far from it.

Currently I’m using EverNote for keeping track of my Audio and Video teams schedules. It used be tedious to weed through all my old emails looking for the 2 month sign up schedule for these teams, just so I could send them reminders for serving. Now once those dates are filled with the names of my fantastic A/V team members, I simply forward the email to my EverNote and it is only a few seconds away and available to me on 3 devices; iPhone, iPad and computer.

Additionally, I’ve been using EverNote to keep track of my writing ideas and notes. When a blog idea comes to me I write something about it in EverNote. When a story idea comes – Evernote. I tweet or link to read later – I send it to EverNote.

My goal is to use EverNote more often and More effectively. For help with this, I’m studying and trying to apply the instructions and ideas I’ve found at Michael Hyatt’s blog. Here is a blog of his where he has organized all his EverNote blogs.

A List of handy blogs for evernote users and learners!

Do you use EverNote? How do you use it? How does it help you the most?


Why Blog?

I’m struggling with the burden of having not blogged since May. I started blogging years ago to put my thought into writing. Writing is a great way to organize one’s thoughts, though I’m not as disciplined at it now as I hope to one day be. It’s something I think everyone should do.

Though I haven’t been blogging I have continued reading a number of blogs. All bloggers blog for a reason. I’ll give you some examples using the different blogs I like to follow.

1. Some bloggers blog because they are creative leaders. I like to follow the blog by Michael Hyatt. He blogs often and I can’t always keep up, but I go back and read the blogs that grab my interest. Another creative leader I often follow is Randy Elrod. Also very creative, I have gained a lot from his blogs about how he uses technology.

2. Some bloggers blog to encourage. My pastor’s blog, joestiles.wordpress, fits into this category, I believe. Though, he writes about a number of things, including family, most of his blogs are very encouraging to our congregation.

3. Other bloggers blog to organize their thoughts. I’m allowing for some overlap here, because I’m sure, to some extent, all bloggers write for this purpose. This is a great thing to do. I’ve already admitted that blogging helps me organize my thoughts.

4. Many bloggers blog to teach. I think our youth pastor, Andy, has taken this approach to blogging, as has another friend, Tracy, new to the blogging world.

5. Lastly, there are those bloggers, whose blogs are place for community. Rabbit Room, Shaun Groves are a couple of my frequent stops for this. Rabbit Room is a community of artists, (writers, musicians, etc.) seeking to use art to glorify God. It has become one of my favorite stops on the web.

I mean to leave room for overlap here and you may even have your own reasons for blogging that are not included on this list. It’s not exclusive. When I blog, I have in mind several of the purposes listed above.

Maybe you don’t blog, but you find yourself following several different blogs. You have your reasons. I’d be flattered if you would follow my blog. Join the others by clicking the “follow” tab. Or even better, leave a comment on one of my blogs and let’s start up a conversation.

Why do you blog? If you do not blog, what purpose would lead you to consider blogging? Why do you read blogs? What blogs do you find yourself reading most often?