Prayer For The Struggling Servant

Father, in all Your majesty, You did not consider Yourself too good to come down and serve us.  Thank You for Your humility.  You knelt to wash the feet of disciples, those whom You called Your students.  When Your followers thought themselves too good to be bothered by the presence of little children, You correctedContinue reading “Prayer For The Struggling Servant”

I Think My Eyes Are In Backward

A SHORT STORY – FROM A MADE UP DIARY I think my eyes are in backwards and all I can see right now is myself. I’m blind to the needs of others around me. To me, they don’t even exist. All I can see are my needs. It doesn’t seem to be hurting me, butContinue reading “I Think My Eyes Are In Backward”

The Day I Didn’t Feel Your Prayers

A SHORT STORY – FROM A MADE UP DIARY No one prayed for me today.I’ve heard it said and said it myself – “I could feel your prayers.” But I didn’t feel anyone pray for me today.I walked through my day and so many things went wrong.I lost my keys in the morning and wasContinue reading “The Day I Didn’t Feel Your Prayers”